Bakuriani is the country’s oldest winter resort, with two centuries of history. Today, it is a world-class mountain & ski center with the perfect environment for Winter Olympic sports and amateur skiers alike in the colder months, and extreme mountain sports or family-friendly vacations in the summer.
Distance to the location by road from:
2:25 hr
4:45 hr
2:35 hr

The Location of Bakuriani

Bakuriani Ski Resort is located 1,700 meters above sea level, in the Borjomi Municipality of southern Georgia. It is 180 kilometers from Tbilisi, and you can get there by car or by minibus.

If you are headed to Bakuriani from Borjomi, there is a small railway where you will find the “kukushka” train, which will take you 37 kilometers through the lovely Borjomistskali River valley. There is also a railway bridge here that was built based on plans drawn up by Gustave Eiffel!

Bakuriani’s Ski Runs

The best period for people who love mountain sports is from December to March. There are twenty-three ski routes at Bakuriani, with something for everyone from professionals to beginners. There are also three ski jumps here (45, 70, 90 meters high and 1,350 meters long), along with special tracks, ski lifts, and fully-equipped infrastructure.

Activities and Sights at Bakuriani

You can (and should) also visit Bakuriani in the spring and summer for extreme sports, paragliding, and world-class cycling tours. Bakuriani’s alpine botanical garden is a great place for hiking as well.

You will find entertainment and recreation everywhere you look in Bakuriani. There are restaurants, parks for relaxation, a cinema, snow scooters, an ice skating rink, horseback and jeep tours, and more.

The fresh air of the high mountains, the long days of sunlight, and the spruce and beech forests all make for a therapeutic climate year-round. 

Bakuriani is a resort for three generations and four seasons, offering you a healthy environment and a wealth of entertainment options.

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