The sulfur waters that spring up in the ravine carved by the Patara Chikhuri river are said to have healing properties, leading to the nearby village of Kvereti becoming a popular resort destination.
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Kvereti Resort

Kvereti Resort rose to prominence in the 20th century, after the first sanatorium was built there under the orders of the Soviet leader, Stalin. Kvereti Sanatorium was built to a high standard, and it soon put the resort on the map.

Kvereti’s sulfur waters are used to treat diseases of the stomach, nervous system, and the joints. Its benefits can be gained through either bathing in it or drinking it, with some locals swearing that the waters also have a rejuvenating effect.

Nature and Climate

Like other resort towns, Kvereti Resort is also renowned for its climate. In fact, Kvereti has a perfect microclimate characterized by mild winters and moderately humid summers. Temperatures range from 3C in the winter to around 20C in July.

The environment around the resort is one of lush, forest-draped mountains and crisp mountain air - the perfect combination for relaxation!


In addition to relaxation and healing, Kvereti Resort is also a great place for rafting, camping, and hiking, and when your day is done, you can retire to a comfortable family-run hotel and enjoy some delicious Imeretian home cooking.

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