Makhinjauri – A Rejuvenating Resort on the Black Sea

Located just six kilometres away from Batumi, Makhinjauri is a resort that combines the best of the Black Sea and the beautiful Ajarian mountains in a subtropical climate.
Distance to the location by road from:
5:40 hr
0:20 hr
2:20 hr

About the Resort

Makhinjauri is a well-known climatic and balneological resort. Locals have been coming to benefit from the resort’s healing mineral waters since the beginning of the 20th century.

The first scientific study of these waters was conducted in 1912, and the first treatment and rejuvenation complex is said to have been founded by a vacationer who fell in love with these miraculous hot springs.

Popular treatments include heliotherapy (exposure to natural sunlight) and thalassotherapy (seawater healing), but the sulfur mineral springs are also used to treat various diseases and ailments.

The resort’s convenient location in relation to Batumi makes it an especially popular destination throughout the year, as a visit to the resort can be combined with an extended beach vacation.

Nature in Makhinjauri

Makhinjauri is also famous for its beautiful botanical garden, which consists of upper, lower, and seaside parks displaying different varieties of subtropical plants. 

Nearby Mtirala National Park is an excellent place for birdwatching, with special platforms built for that.

Entertainment and Relaxation

With its rolling green hills leading down to the pebbly shore of the Black Sea, Makhinjauri is like something out of a picture book. You’ll also have a lovely view of Batumi from the seashore, where you can play football or volleyball on the beach, or take small boats and water bikes out onto the sea.

With something for everyone, Majaurani is a good vacation destination for families, especially the ones with children.

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