One of the largest botanical spas in Europe, Sairme, or the Land of Deer, is tucked away within the conifers and deciduous trees of Baghdati Municipality.
Distance to the location by road from:
4:25 hr
3:20 hr
1:20 hr

The Land of Deer

According to local legend, some brothers were tracing red-tinged water back to its source when they found it had come from a wounded deer. It was later discovered that this place was abundant in deer, which led to it being named “Sairme”.

Unique Thermal Waters

In the 1890s, a group of shepherds came across a strange patch of earth where the ground never seemed to be covered in snow, and where rain evaporated off it in a matter of seconds. It came to be known as “magical ground”. Its secrets were only uncovered in the 1920s when geologists discovered hot mineral water deep below the ground.

Today, Sairme is famous for these healing waters. Warm thermal water to bathe in and four different kinds of mineral water to drink - each with different properties - are now used to treat a number of diseases, including kidney, gallbladder, and digestive ailments.

The main place to stay and rest in Sairme is its hotel complex with a treatment and restoration center: thermal baths, a spa, and a wellness center equipped with German technology.

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