It is not uncommon for Georgians to escape to the mountains during the summer months, with the Racha region an especially popular escape from the often oppressive summer heat. If you find yourself in Georgia between June and October, why not beat the heat by taking a visit to the Pearl of the Mountains - Shovi?
Distance to the location by road from:
4:45 hr
5:05 hr
2:40 hr

What Makes Shovi So Special?

Shovi is a balneological resort - meaning it has its focus on the use of therapeutic mineral baths to treat a range of ailments. Coupled with its revitalising mountain climate, Shovi’s mineral waters have been used by Georgian’s for generations, with the resort built a century ago to cater to the increased demand.

There are sixteen mineral springs in Shovi, each of which is used to treat a different condition. The sodium and calcium rich waters have been credited with all manner of healing miracles in their time.

The area is also home to many healing facilities, brand-name and family-run hotels, quaint holiday rentals, and restaurants boasting exquisite Rachan food and the region’s unique Khvanchkara wine, making it a complete vacation destination.

What is there to do in Shovi?

Of course, Shovi not solely a place for rest and relaxation, as the area has a variety of outdoor activities  

A place for both lovers of chilled-out and active pastime, there is plenty in Shovi to keep you busy during your visit.

Shovi and its surroundings are very attractive for hiking and trekking. One of the most popular trails starts at Shovi and leads up to Udziro Lake. In the winter, Shovi and its surroundings are a great option for ski touring as well. 

Where is Shovi?

Shovi is located 1,600 meters above sea level in the Oni Municipality of Racha. Surrounded by evergreen forests, snowy mountains, a peaceful atmosphere, and signature local hospitality, it is the ideal place to get away from it all and focus on your own physical and mental health.

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