Surami – A Mountain Resort in Georgia

Legend tells us that a young couple – Su and Rami – got married in secret, despite the opposition of their parents. This unique resort’s name originates from the combination of the names of these two young lovers' to represent where they settled.
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The History and Legends of Surami

According to archaeological evidence, this area has been inhabited by human beings since the early Bronze Age. Later on, during the classical era, it became one of the most important cities of Kartli. An important merchant road from the East to the West passed through the town, linking India to Phasis (now modern-day Poti). 

Surami maintained city status from the 4th-3rd centuries BCE with the construction of the Surami Fortress and until the end of the Feudal period. Due to its important strategic location, it was also the epicenter of numerous internal and external battles.

Where Is Surami Resort Located?

Surami is 740 meters above sea level, on the southern slopes of the Likhi Range, in the Khashuri Municipality. Due to the special properties of its climate, it is one of the most important resorts in Georgia.

The broad-leaved pine trees and plants around the town strengthen and enrich the healing properties of the combined mountain and sea air. As a result, the air of Surami can strengthen the body's immune system. 

Surami has brought in vacationers for many years and you can easily book both guesthouses and modern, well-furnished hotels for your stay.

What Will You See in Surami?

Your sightseeing route should begin from Surami Fortress at the top of the mountain, where you can visit religious monuments such as the Churches of St. George, the Ascension, the Deity, St. Marine, and St. Barbare, Kviratskhoveli Church, Itria Convent, Chumaleti St. George Church, and the Synagogue.

You can visit the residence of the Bishop of Surami and Khasuri, and walk through the museum of Lesia Ukrainka, the famous Ukrainian poet who lived and worked in Georgia.

Make sure to purchase some local pinecone jam, which is beneficial for your lungs and airways, as well as Georgian sweet bread, nazuki, a staple of local cuisine.

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