Rokva Festival

If good music, beautiful nature, and spending the night in tents is your idea of a fun time, attend the Rokva festival in the summertime.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

What to do at the Rokva Festival

This annual festival is held in Racha and arouses great interest from both locals and tourists. The magical environment of Shovi has everything you need for listening to high-quality music.

The first time Rokva excited Racha in 2019. The festival lasted one day and received such positive feedback that in 2022 the organizers made it a three-day festival. 

Previous musical guests at Rokva included Nouvelle Vague, an energetic creative synthesis of French New Wave and Portuguese Bossa Nova with elements of post-punk, punk rock, and European cult cinema of the 60s; Michelle Gurevich – also known as Chinawoman, an Eastern European artist, Function – an electronic music veteran with a legendary, distinctive sound creating a techno experience with heavy, contrasting music; Stef Mendesidis – an impressive artist with amazing mixing techniques.

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