Rural Tourism in Georgia

Rural Tourism in Georgia

For those seeking something new and completely authentic, rural Georgia opens the door to a different world.
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With the majestic Caucasus Mountains towering above to the north, and the peaceful Black Sea gently rolling to the west, the country's diverse landscapes provide bountiful adventure and cultural discovery.

This blog dives deeply into the essence and unique excitement of rural tourism in Georgia, from birdwatching and horse riding to hiking, cycling, and caving in Georgia. Furthermore, we supply you with invaluable tips on how to find the best rural escapes in Georgia.

What is an example of rural tourism?

Before introducing the diverse activities you can enjoy in rural Georgia, let’s first pinpoint what “rural tourism” really means.

In simple terms, rural tourism refers to tourist activities taking place outside cities and towns. Rural tourists experience unprecedented delights centered around nature, agriculture, and traditional ways of life. In particular, these include sampling local culinary delicacies, exploring the fresh air of the countryside, learning traditional skills, engaging with unique local communities, and activities like hiking and horse riding.

And in global terms, the country of Georgia has some of the greatest rural tourism treats.

Birdwatching in Georgia

Birdwatching in Georgia is becoming increasingly popular every year. As the country sits on some major migratory routes for many bird species, it is naturally a hotspot for observing migratory birds alongside the many stunning native species.

The variety of ecosystems in Georgia also contributes to it being a sanctuary for birdwatchers. On tours of national parks and protected areas, rare and endemic species are showcased, from the impressive sight of soaring eagles to the beautiful colors and sounds of songbirds.

One of the prime birdwatching spots is near the Black Sea, in the village of Sakhalvasho, less than half an hour’s drive from Batumi city. Migration begins in late August and by the fall there are over a million birds of prey flying over this prized location.

Horse Riding: An Awesome Gallop Through Time

Horse riding in picturesque Georgia is an enchanting way of absorbing the country’s sights, scents, and sounds. On dedicated horseback tours, meandering trails lead you across beautiful valleys, past ancient villages, and along mountains. For both newcomers and experienced riders, Horse riding in Georgia offers the perfect chance to connect with nature personally. 

Hiking to Explore the Land and its History

Every hiking trail in Georgia has its own story to tell. Whether it be a serene walk through the languid countryside to a challenging mountain trek, hikers will discover monasteries bearing centuries of storied history, remote villages, and spectacular natural beauty.

Cycling Through Diverse Landscapes

Regardless of your enthusiasm or ability, there’s a trail in Georgia for every cyclist, allowing them to taste the country’s real flavor. From a peaceful cycle through clusters of vineyards, to testing your physical limits on mountain paths, all are catered for. Cycling in Georgia offers an intimate way of experiencing the gorgeous countryside, bringing you face-to-face with the ever-changing face of nature.

The Best Rural Escapes In Georgia

Even though the capital of Georgia Tbilisi offers all sorts of wonders to its visitors, to appreciate the full beauty of Georgia, exploring its rural parts is essential. With that in mind, we’ve handpicked some of the most cherished rural escapes in the country…

Kakheti: A Wine Lover's Paradise

Kakheti is Georgia’s best-known wine region, where some of the world's oldest wines are known to have originated. In this charming region within an hour or two’s drive from Tbilisi, you can discover old winemaking traditions, visit quaint wineries, and learn the unique methods of making the famous qvevri (clay vessel).

As well as savoring the glorious Kakhetian wine, the laid-back locals and their endless hospitality are another joy to behold.

Svaneti: Where the Mountains Touch the Sky

Svaneti is a region of high mountains, medieval towers, villages lost in time, and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its main town Mestia offers breathtaking landscapes and hiking trails seducing nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The region’s striking ancient stone towers were built for defense and refuge, but today, they serve as commanding feats of architecture giving the landscape of Svaneti a stunning uniqueness.

Svaneti has one of the best skiing opportunities. Here you will find the famous ski resorts of Mestia - Tetnuldi and Hatsvali, but keep in mind that there are dozens of ski tours to be found all over the Svaneti. We strongly recommend hiring a professional guide. They know the routes best and understand the potential dangers you will encounter as part of your tour. 

Tusheti: Georgia's Remote Highland Haven

Accessible only by mountain road, getting to Tusheti may not be straightforward, but the reward is a jewel like no other. It seems that tucked away from the rest of the world it seems, you will find alpine meadows, snow-capped peaks, and traditional villages built entirely of stone. 

Its isolation has helped Tusheti to preserve its ancient customs, so if you want to experience the authentic Georgian highland life, going to this spectacular region should be at the top of your list.

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