Samtsvera Waterfall – Beautiful Views for Great Shots

Samtsvera Waterfall – Beautiful Views for Great Shots

If you’re looking to escape from the often oppressive heat of the city in summer, heading to one of Georgia’s many beautiful waterfalls is an ideal option. Samtsvera Waterfall, located near the city of Zestafoni, is a must-see due to both its own beauty, and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it.

What Will You See at Samtsvera Waterfall?

Samtsvera Waterfall is located to the east of Zovreti Village and the southwest of Kveda Sazano Village, approximately fifteen kilometres from Zestafoni. While a paved road passes close by, there is a short, two-hundred-metre hike from the road to the falls.

The waterfall flows into the Dzusa River valley as a breathtakingly beautiful curtain of water. It is possible to swim in the river’s clear waters, making it heaven on a hot summer day. The forest that surrounds the river lends a cozy, shady environment in which to relax.

Close by Samtsvera Waterfall, you can see a few of western Georgia’s other must-see sights, including Kinchkha Waterfall, the Prometheus Cave, and Okatse Canyon. While you’re in the area, why not take a few days to explore the area more thoroughly?

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