Saro Fortress

Saro Fortress

Built thousands of years ago, Saro Fortress remains an interesting sight even today. Believed to have been built in pre-Christian times, this cyclopean fortress’ imposing scale and construction style continue to enchant history-lovers to this day.

The Historical Past of Saro

While exact dates are not known, it is probable that Saro Fortress was built in the 2nd or 1st millennium BCE.

An impressive number of archaeological materials have been unearthed in the remains of the settlement that stood beside the fortress, including early and late Bronze Age artifacts, and medieval pottery shards.

These finds show us that humanity has been living around Saro Village since at least the second millennium BCE.

The Structure of Saro Fortress

The Saro Fortress Complex consisted of three separate buildings, each of which had defensive functions and were located separate from one another.

The fortress-complex was periodically rebuilt, but today there are only 2.5- to 3-metre-high remains of the buildings left.

The walls were built using dry masonry, with boulders reaching up to 2.5 meters in length and width placed next to each other.

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