Sasvano Lakes

Many who have visited picturesque Racha Region have said that they felt as if they appeared in a fairytale due to the region’s unique plant-life, breathtaking views, and the feelings this region’s villages and cultural sites conjure up in them. It is in this region of mythic beauty that you’ll find the Sasvano Lakes, a site that should be included on any Rachan itinerary.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

The Uniqueness of the Sasvano Lakes

These two extremely beautiful lakes are found in the Rioni River Valley, at a height of 2,680 metres above sea level. One of the lakes is in the shape of a heart, making it an especially popular destination for lovers.

One shore of these lakes is often covered in old snow, allowing particularly adventurous people to climb up and ski from the mountain directly down to the lake, even in summer! What’s more, there are plentiful viewpoints in the area, with the landscape surrounding the lakes sure to astound.

How to Get to the Sasvano Lakes

To get to the lakes, you should visit Tevshero Village in the Oni region. The lakes are only four kilometers from the village, with the road from Tevshero taking you through the Rioni river valley. You’ll take the left at the point where Lukhumi Creek crosses the Rioni.

Tourists often camp by the lakes and make the hike up to Vatsitsveri Pass to see Enera Glacier and the source of the Rioni River. If that is something that might interest you, this is an easily doable route.

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