Pekini Avenue

Pekini Avenue

You’ll come across streets both large and small as you wander around Tbilisi, all of which have a tremendous charm of their own. One of Tbilisi’s most modern streets is Pekini Avenue, which stretches from Vazha-Pshavela Avenue to the 26th of May Square. This street is especially famous for its well-ordered infrastructure, its pedestrian and bike lanes, and the large number of stores that line it.

What is on offer on Pekini Avenue?

A shopper’s paradise, Pekini Avenue has a huge variety of stores and boutiques along its length. These include appliance and electronics stores, large international clothing and footwear brands, well-known eyeglasses brands, small-scale boutiques, beauty centres, cafes, grocery stores and hotels.

Even if you’re not a shopaholic, Pekini Avenue is also a great place to simply wander and indulge in some people-watching.

The Tbilisi Zoo is a five-to-ten-minute walk away, as well as casinos and other entertainment venues.

How Do You Get to Pekini Avenue?

The easiest way to reach Pekini Avenue is to take the metro to either Medical University station or the Technical University station at the beginning of Pekini Avenue. Public transport from almost any district in the city will get you there.

Pekini Avenue is also an excellent hub from which to explore the rest of Tbilisi. Not only does public transport have a dedicated lane in the area, but the street also has lanes for those who would prefer to travel by bike or scooter.


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