Shuamta Lakes

Shuamta Lakes

The Shuamta lakes are located in Upper Ajara, one of Georgia’s most beautiful areas. It is a great place for the travelers who would enjoy spending time in nature by a campfire.


These five lakes in the municipality of Khulo, at an altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level, are hidden in the greenery. Three of these lakes are large, and two of them are relatively small. You can see them in the summer pastures of Shuamta village, just an hour's walk from Beshumi. 

The Chirukhi - Shuamta route, starts near the Chirukhi mountain, 92 km from Batumi passing through mountain fields in the alpine zone, and ending at the Shuamta lakes. At the beginning of the route, views of alpine pastures with small wooden houses open up, where you can spend the night and taste traditional local dishes. 

What will you see?

Shuamta Lakes, surrounded by wide-open fields and hills, is a wonderful place for hiking and recreation. From Shuamta, on the top of a steep rock, you can see the medieval Khikhani fortress, which tells its story about the nobles, numerous battles, and a secret tunnel.

According to legend, muses also live in the Shuamta lakes. You can feel their mystical presence especially when the area is covered with fog. Believe it or not, you are going to feel inspired and energized after spending some time at the lakes. Beauty of the nature has incredible power, after all!

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