Sioni Cathedral

Sioni Cathedral

The Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition is located in the historical Kala neighborhood, Tbilisi's oldest, on the right bank of the River Mtkvari. It has been referred to as the Patriarchal temple for more than a century.

When was the Sioni Cathedral built? 

The construction of the temple took place between the sixth and seventh centuries. Sioni consists of multiple building layers as a result of repeated raids by Georgia's enemies. 

Several patriarchs have been buried in Sioni. The cathedral also serves as a repository for many priceless artifacts.


Distinguished sacred objects of Sioni cathedral

The cross of St. Nino is kept north of the iconostasis in Sioni Cathedral, making it the holiest relic in all of the Georgian Orthodox Church. St. Nino of Cappadocia was the woman who brought Christianity to Georgia in the 4th century and persisted to make it the state religion.

A miraculous stone of grace brought from Jerusalem by Saint David Garejeli in the 6th century also lies within the temple

This cathedral contains numerous icons, including one depicting the Mother of God that was painted in 1762 and has survived multiple attacks and thefts.

After seeing Sioni, continue strolling in Tbilisi's beautiful historic quarter. Bars and restaurants on Erekle II street are not far away and Abanotubani and Leghvtakhevi neighborhoods are just several hundred meters away.

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