Skhvilo Fortress

Skhvilo Fortress

Near the village of Kvemo Chala in Shida Kartli you will find a cobblestone fortress high up in the mountains, proudly surveying Lekhuri Valley and Tiriponi Field. This walled battlement is Skhvilo Fortress, which decided the fate of Georgia in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Shida Kartli

History of Skhvilo Fortress

Skhvilo Fortress is first mentioned in historical text in the 10th century, as a residence for Kartli nobles. However, in 1632 the fortress was badly damaged in a battle for the Kartli throne. 

Skhvilo Fortress is most famous for protecting Georgians during the Lezgian, Ottoman, and Persian invasions of the 18th century, proving a bulwark against the oncoming horde of would-be conquerors.

Structure of Skhvilo Fortress

Skhvilo Fortress’ five-story tower has only one entrance, located six meters off the ground. In every wall on every floor you will find both windows and gun ports. On the fifth floor, the fortress has a large balcony, from which the yard could be monitored.

To provide protection in case of an attack, the bottom portion of the fortress contains no obvious windows, however, you will find peepholes, murder holes for dropping stones and gun ports.

On the southern end of the structure, there is another small tower. In the fortress yard, you’ll also find churches to Saint George and Saint Nicholas, living areas, and agricultural buildings.

Skhvilo Fortress in Georgian Film

This ancient historical monument has many admirers, but it is especially interesting for film-buffs, because a scene from the famous Georgian movie The Eccentrics was filmed here.

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