Snowshoeing on Paravani Lake

Tkhilmari (snowshoes) provide an excellent opportunity to admire the winter nature, where no human has gone before. They make it easier to get around on pristine snow and are popular with photographers and those who prefer slower walks to fast skiing.

What does Paravani lake have to offer?

Paravani lake is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region, on impressive 2073 meters above sea level. During wintertime, immersed in snow, it looks particularly mystical.

When the lake freezes to the point where you can walk across it, it’s the perfect opportunity to grab your snowshoes. Explore Poka village or visit the Poka Convent, where you can buy a variety of herbal teas, local natural products, and handmade crafts.

Things to take into consideration

In winter, an off-road vehicle is necessary to reach Paravani lake, 132 kilometers from Tbilisi.

Snowshoes are not available for rent on the spot, so bring them with you and hire a trained local guide. 

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