While it is more famous for its ancient historical monuments, you’ll also find modern brands represented in Georgia. A good example of this is Funduki, a factory and store where all of the products are made following an interesting concept: making people’s lives easier.

The Story of Funduki’s Creation

The idea first came to fruition in 2012, and now there is a team of professionals working to make time-saving, life-changing products with unique designs, including clothes, accessories, and eco-friendly furniture.

In this multifunctional space at 3a Egnate Ninoshvili, people of all ages and tastes are sure to be able to find an answer to some needs in their lives.

What does Funduki Offer You?

Funduki offers a wide variety of products, such as face masks that don’t hurt your ears, or shelves that can be turned into a table or folded up and taken with you when you travel.

Funduki never fails to surprise its customers with the originality of its products. The uniqueness of these products is in the simplicity of the design, and their usefulness.

In the store, you’ll find unique designer clothes and furniture made in the style of Scandinavian minimalism. You can also purchase handmade bags by grandmothers; reversible waterproof raincoats; ninja hoodies; picnic blankets for all seasons; eco-friendly, handmade, tasteful bags decorated with colourful laces; fishing pants; and more.

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