White Studio

White Studio

Georgian ceramics have a history dating back centuries, and white clay, also known as kaolin, is distinguished for its unique properties. A great example of that can be seen at White Studio, in Vera, a historic district of Tbilisi. Here they use “wild methods” and their bare hands to work the clay. White Studio is a combination of a workshop, gallery, and shop for the materials needed to work with ceramics and their installation all in one. International ceramics festivals, exhibitions, and masterclasses are often held at the studio as well. White Studio also offers lessons for ceramics lovers.

Everything You Need to Know about White Studio

Everything within White Studio represents the nation. You will find kitchenware; jewelry boxes; tea sets; and lanterns decorated with Georgian ornamentation, letters, words, and jewels at White Studio.

You can also purchase beautiful tablecloths and souvenirs decorated with Georgian ornaments for Easter and New Year’s, as well as painted, handmade sinks, washstands, and other bathroom accessories made from the highest-quality materials.

There are exclusive handmade items for any interior or exterior. Besides white clay, red clay and faïence are used to make painted lanterns, wall decorations, and dishware.

Every item in White Studio is exclusive.

How to Get to White Studio

White Studio is at 18 Petriashvili Street. You can walk here from Melikishvili Street in Tbilisi’s old district, passing many interesting buildings along the way.

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