SUV Tour in David Gareja

The Kakheti Region is an amazing place to go on an SUV tour, one of the most interesting destinations being the David Gareja semi-desert, which is quite close to Tbilisi. David Gareja monastic complex located there, is stretching across 25 kilometers on the semi-desert slopes of Gareja mountains. During a one-day tour, visit the historic monuments in the complex and enjoy the exotic nature.


The terrain on the route is quite difficult, and one section includes a dirt road. The tour starts in Tbilisi and heads to Sagarejo town (you’ll need to drive for 1 hour). From here, the road turns right towards Udabno village and leads up to the monastic complex. 

If you take the road via Gardabani, you can also pass by Mravaltskaro Lake and colourful mountains. 

The David Gareja complex stands out for it’s historical and cultural value, and the harmonic coexistence with the surrounding nature.

After you are done with sightseeing, you can either spend the night in the Udabno cottages, or head back to Tbilisi. Another great option is to visit local wine cellars in Sagarejo, Khashmi or Manavi, and stay in one of the cute wine hotels of the region.

Important Information

Use an SUV vehicle, equipped with A/T or M/T tires, to travel the route.

The route is open all year round. Don’t forget to enable offline GPS, and in case of an emergency, contact the Public Safety Management Center at 112 available 24/7.


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