SUV Tour in Vashlovani Protected Area

The Vashlovani Protected Areas, in Dedoplistskaro municipality, in the easternmost part of the Kakheti region, is located 200 kilometers away from Tbilisi. The severe nature and otherworldly landscapes of this place are truly impressive!

Visitor Center

First, drive up to the Vashlovani Protected Area Visitor Center in the town of Dedoplistskaro, where you will receive a permit to enter the area, maps, and recommendations from the rangers. Of course, have your ID for the registration! If you want to stay overnight, you must reserve a tent or cottage at the visitor center.

The territory is inhabited by a variety of reptiles and predatory animals, so staying in a tent in the Vashlovani Protected Areas is recommended on pre-organized campsites.

What you will see in the Vashlovani Protected Areas

Vashlovani Protected Areas include the Vashlovani Natural Reserve, the Vashlovani National Park, and natural wonders such as Eagle Gorge, Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcanoes, Juma Bay and Alazani Floodplains.

This is a unique place where you will pass through different ecosystems such as desert, semi-desert, steppe, arid woodlands, deciduous and floodplain forests, rock xerophytes, foothills, and loam vegetation zones.

The destinations to visit on an SUV tour include:

Shiraki Plain 

Pantishara valley

Datvi (Bear) valley

Alesilebi (Pointed Rocks)

Vashlovani viewpoint

Mijni Bay

Takhti-Tepa mud volcanoes

Juma Bay (Kakliskuri)

The best time to go on tour:

Tour the protected areas any time of the year, but it’s not recommended to travel there in rainy weather and extreme heat.

Important Information

Use an SUV to travel the route between June and October. Depending on the terrain, A/T or M/T tires are recommended.

There’s no internet or phone service inside the protected area so don’t forget to enable offline GPS. The last gas station before you reach the protected territory is in Dedoplistskaro.

Bring some food and water with you. In case of an emergency, contact the Public Safety Management Center at number 112 available 24/7.

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