Svan Salt

Svan Salt

Georgian cuisine is world-class and each region of the country is distinguished by uniquely flavored dishes. One such food is Svan salt, a Georgian seasoning that is regarded as a Monument of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

How Was Svan Salt Created?

The Svans mixed salt with aromatic herbs and spices from the mountains to create this amazing seasoning.

It goes well with everything: cucumber and tomato salad, fried pig, different types of Georgian cheeses, sauces, and meats. It adds a unique flavor to the spices grown in the mountains, especially to gitsruli, or wild cumin.

The quality and fullness of flavor of the salt depend significantly both on the quality of the spice – when it was picked, its freshness, whether it was dried in the shade – and on the seasoning procedure.

How to Prepare Svan Salt

For the best flavor, all the spices should be in the form of seeds that you grind yourself.


2 parts dry coriander;

1 part each of:

Dry fennel (dill);

Blue fenugreek;

Red Pepper;


½ part of wild cumin;

Four times as much salt as the combined amount of all the ground spices;

And minced garlic – enough for the mixed salt and spices to become moist. 

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Svan Salt

When buying Svan salt, keep in mind that the salt should be moist, almost wet; aromatic, enough that you can smell the aroma; dark and not very yellow; with large grains of salt; and kept in a hermetically sealed jar or box.

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