Tavkvetula Cave Church

Tavkvetula Cave Church

You’ll find churches and monasteries carved into cliffs in nearly all regions of Georgia. The Tavkvetula Cave Church, located near the famous Vardzia Monastery Complex in southwestern Georgia, is a fine example of this practice.

History of Tavkvetula Church

Tavkvetula Church dates back to the 8th - 9th centuries. Believers from across Georgia still gather here on the 11th of September every year to commemorate the day that John the Baptist was beheaded.

The church and shelter are on the right bank of the Mtkvari River, between the villages of Mirshkani and Vardzia, carved into a high cliff overlooking the valley below.

How to Get to Tavkvetula Cave Church

Many years ago, it was only possible to reach Tavkvetula Church by crossing the Mtkvari River on foot. On the 11th of September each year, the river would miraculously lower, opening a path for people to reach the church.

These days, you can get to Tavkvetula using a bridge over the river, so there is no need to get your feet wet. With the opening of the bridge, monastic life also began anew in Tavkvetula.

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