Tbikeli Lake

Tbikeli Lake

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve sent a ‘heart’ to your friends to signify your appreciation for their photo or post. Maybe you’ve hand drawn a heart onto a letter to a friend or loved one? Well, in Georgia, you can skip all of the above steps and just send your friends a photo of a lake in the shape of a heart!

Tbikeli Lake, located within Kintrishi Protected Areas, is a picturesque lake whose shape makes it one of Georgia’s most photographed natural wonders. 

According to legend, a strange creature used to live in Tbiqeli, one which came out of the water every day to attack the calves grazing in the meadows. The shepherd of the tired calves followed the creature back silently and saw everything, then put sharp objects on the calves’ horns when they went to graze. 

Fortunately, the creature never returned, but the locals feared that it would. To find it, the locals tried to drain the lake, but every time they did it would pour with rain, so the lake’s water never went down. The people took this as a sign from God and abandoned their plan. 

Today, the only ‘monster’ in the lake is the endangered Caucasian newt. Thankfully, these little guys are too small to harm cattle, but if you’d like to snap a photo of the heart-shaped lake and these adorable little amphibians, you can take the fourteen kilometre horseback ride or hike from nearby Khinotsminda.

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