Tbilisi Concert Hall

Tbilisi Concert Hall

The big round building at the start of Melikishvili Avenue in Tbilisi, has been a symbol of the city for more than 50 years. The Tbilisi Concert Hall, sometimes called Philharmonic Hall, was built by the architect Ivane Chkhenkeli.

What does the Tbilisi State Concert Hall offer?  

The Tbilisi state concert hall is between Melikishvili and Kostava streets, with Vera park to the left and Public School 51 to the right. The bronze monument by Merab Berdzenishvili called Muse, is erected in front of the Philharmonic Hall.   

The construction of the round building started in 1961, and from 1971 on, it has been hosting grandiose concerts and festivals. The Philharmonia hosts 2,300 spectators and serves as the largest event hall in Tbilisi.

The lobby was decorated by Elguja and Merab Berdzenishvili. The hall resembles the Hollywood walk of fame where the stars of the artists who played meaningful roles, lie at the entrance.  

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