Tbilisi International Book Festival

Tbilisi International Book Festival

The Tbilisi International Book Festival is one of the main literary events of the year in Georgia. Both foreign and local publishing houses, as well as authors from across the world, descend upon Tbilisi each May to take part in the festival. If you’re a lover of the written word, a visit to the Tbilisi International Book Festival is not only a celebration of the written word, but a chance to potentially meet one of your favourite authors in the process!

When does the Tbilisi International Book Fair Take Place?

The Tbilisi International Book Fair is held at the end of May and includes many events, including the display of new release books, presentations by authors, meetings with translators, and the awarding of literary prizes.

Those curious about what people are reading in other countries should attend the Focus Country Program, where they’ll have a chance to interact with writers, publishers, and other representatives of the focus country’s literary scene.

Of course, the main event is the book market, which is hosted at the Expo-Georgia Exhibition Centre. If you’re looking to expand your personal library, this is the place to do it!

Who Visits the Festival?

In the past, the Tbilisi International Book Festival has nominated different countries to act as the focus country for the festival. Past focus countries have included Norway, Germany, Finland, and Turkey. Notable authors to have attended the festival include Roskva Koritzinsky, Nils Henrik Smith, Simen Ekern, and Sigbjørn Mostue from Norway, and Henrik Meinander, Rosa Liksom, and Linda Bondestam from Finland. 

The German organizations Schweizerbart/Borntraeger Science Publishers, DOM Publisher, Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, and Kurt Wolff Stiftung have also attended the festival.

The Tbilisi International Book Festival is one of the largest book festivals in the Caucasus Region, and well worth a visit for any lover of the written word.


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