Tbilisi International Festival of Literature

The Tbilisi International Festival of Literature (TIFL) aims to introduce people to modern Georgian and international authors. Held each year in May, the festival makes use of a variety of interactive activities to foster a greater love of the written word in all attendees.

When was the Tbilisi International Festival of Literature Founded?

TIFL was first held in 2015, and is traditionally hosted at the Writers’ House each May. The festival schedule includes poetry and literature competitions, book presentations,  and the chance to meet with the authors in attendance. 

Who Participates in the Tbilisi International Festival of Literature?

Throughout its seven-year history, the festival has hosted such luminaries of the written word as  the poet and playwright Etkar Keret (Israel); the poet Luke Kennard (Great Britain); the poet Esther Naomi Perquin (the Netherlands); the writer, poet, and journalist Dimitri Bykov; the writer Ibrahim Kuni (Libya); the novelist Isaac Merion (USA); the writer Philippe Besson (France); the poet and essayist Charles Bernstein (USA); the poet Zaza Koshkadze (Georgia); and the writer and playwright Nino Kharatishvili (Georgia-Germany).

TIFL has no equal in scale in the Caucasus region and is very popular with the reading public every year.

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