Tbilisi Sea

Tbilisi Sea

Tbilisi is not a port city, but it has a sea where you can cool off, get a tan, ride on a boat, and even water ski. That’s what Tbilisi residents call the reservoir which has been supplying the capital with drinking and irrigation water since 1953. The reservoir is in the suburbs in the northeastern part of the city.

The Tbilisi Sea today, apart from its main purpose, is an extraordinary recreational place. It is at an altitude of 650 meters, 9 kilometers long, and 1.85 kilometers wide. The water reaches a maximum depth of 45 meters in spring and a maximum temperature of 28 degrees in summer.

The circumference of the sea is 26 kilometers and there are several compelling places to visit in the area.

The Tbilisi Sea Club has bungalows, a beach, three pools, and a water slide. You can rent sailboats and also try parasailing.

The grand aqua park, "Gino Paradise", is known for its open and closed pools, water attractions, various types of saunas, spa area, and cafes;

The thirty-five-meter Chronicles of Georgia monument overlooks the sea from Qeni Mountain on the northwestern coast. It is also called the Georgian Stonehenge because its shape resembles the famous English prehistoric megalith.

Tbilisi Sea is surrounded by a pine forest, and Tbilisi dendrological park is in the vicinity with an area of 163 hectares. 93.3 hectares are covered with forest, where rare species of trees and shrubs grow.

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