Tbilisi State Puppet Theater

Choosing an entertaining and educational activity for children can be challenging, but in Tbilisi look no further than the Tbilisi State Puppet Theater where a beautiful, magical, and exciting experience awaits kids (and their parents).

What Does the Tbilisi State Puppet Theater Have to Offer?

The theater is designed to fully accommodate children and their needs. There are toys in the lobby and colorful corridors, as well as exhibitions displaying historic items, with costumes and dolls everywhere guaranteeing to leave a long-lasting impression on children. All of these elements create a magical environment to get the children in the mood for the main event.

The Puppet Theater puts on plays frequently, with each of them met with rapturous applause from the delighted children and parents alike. In addition to fairy tales, educational plays are also often performed, helping children to understand complex social and cultural issues.

This was the first professional puppet theater in Tbilisi, founded in 1934 under the guidance of George Mikeladze. Today, Tbilisi State Puppet Theater invites spectators young and old to enjoy its shows at Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue 136, promising unforgettable memories.

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