Tetnuldi Mountain

Tetnuldi Mountain

Tetnuldi is often called “Svaneti’s White Bride”, and once you’ve seen this amazing wonder, you’ll no doubt be astonished by its beauty. Tetnuldi is a true paradise for lovers of outdoor activities, especially skiing.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
Tetnuldi Ski Resort

A Mountain Especially Beloved by Ski Enthusiasts

At a height of 4,858 metres above sea level, Mount Tetnuldi is permanently covered in snow, and shrouded in clouds above 3,000 metres. The mountain is also a significant centre for glaciation, boasting some of the best snow for skiing for almost half of the year.

Tetnuldi Mountain lies in Mestia Municipality. The Tsaneri and Adishi Glaciers are on its slopes, as is the source of the Enguri River.

The peak was first conquered in 1930 under the leadership of the famous female mountain-climber, Aleksandra Japaridze. Climbing Mt. Tetnuldi is a challenge and to reach the summit, you’ll need appropriate physical preparation and specialized equipment, but the beautiful views from the mountaintop are worth it.

For those not eager to make the ascent, the views from the road leading to the mountain are almost as breathtaking as those from its peak. For example, one route starts in the lovely village of Adishi where you will see  a dozen of medieval Svan towers.

Tetnuldi is one part of the Mestia Ski Resort, and it is where the qualifying round of the Freeride World Tour is held. The first of these was held on Tetnuldi in 2022, and will take place every year going forward.


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