Tetritskaro Local History Museum

With its ancient architecture, archaeological finds and natural sights, Tetritskaro is an interesting place to travel. This area of the country has a long past, and if you are interested in history, start your trip with the local lore museum.
Kvemo Kartli

What will you see in Tetritskaro Local History Museum?

There are up to 11,000 exhibits preserved in the museum, from the Eneolithic era to the twentieth century. Combat weapons and labour tools, horse harnesses, women's jewellery as well as cornelian, turquoise, and glass beads, iron axe heads, and clay household utensils were found at the Tetritskaro municipality territory and dating back to the VII-IV centuries BC. 

Among the exhibits of the museum are samples of paintings, graphics, sculptures, numismatic collections, and rich ethnographic material from different periods. Don’t miss the four-wheeled chariot of the ancient period.

A guide is sure to mention that on the municipality’s territory, there are about 475 monuments of historical importance and extraordinary nature, including megaliths, leaving us to wonder, how ancient people could build those without modern equipment.

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