The Apolo Film Theater

The Apolo Film Theater

“The grand, brilliantly outfitted, electronic Apolo Theatre!” is how one Georgian newspaper described the Apolo Film Theatre in 1909, and it still stands to this day. Located at the intersection of Aghmashenebeli Street and Kargareteli Street in Batumi, it is a relic from a bygone era well worth a visit.

Built in the Art-Nouveau style, the three-story theatre’s walls preserve memories dating back more than a century. Visitors from all over the world come to marvel at this beautiful example of the style, with its large, arched windows, decorative molded garlands and wreaths, and reliefs of symbolic figures.

During the Soviet period, the Apolo was renamed to The October, but reverted back to its original name in the 1990s. Movies were not shown at the theatre for some time, but it did remain as a place to host cultural events and celebrations. Indeed, even in its past as a cinema, it also acted as a place to host charitable events and literary salons.

These days, the Apolo is a fully functional cinema showing not only the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but movies from Georgia and across the world.

If you’re looking to catch a movie during your vacation, why not do so in the Art-Nouveau marvel that is the Apolo Film Theatre?


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