"The Fifth Season" in Juta

"The Fifth Season" hotel is located in the village of Juta, in Kazbegi municipality.

What Awaits You Here

At the Fifth Season, everything is in place for your peace, relaxation, and comfort.

Built at 2,300 meters above sea level, it naturally blends with the surrounding mountains. Moreover, there are amazing views of the Chiukhi Massif from the yard.

The hotel is also equipped with a modern kitchen, ideal for preparing the most delicious traditional Georgian dishes and drinks. 

In addition, there are outdoor recreational areas.

You will also find plenty of camping spots over a vast meadow, where you can spend the night in a tent.

How to Get There:

You can get to Stepantsminda town from Tbilisi by a minivan and get a private transfer from Stepantsminda to Juta, or get a private transfer directly from Tbilisi.

The distance from Stepantsminda to Juta is about 20 km and it’s recommended to use an SUV to reach the destination. You can leave the car in the parking. In order to get to the hotel, which is 1 km away, you will have to walk or ride a horse.


The hotel welcomes guests from June to the end of October.

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