Tiger Canyon

If you’re fascinated by canyons, a visit to Tiger Canyon should be on your Georgian itinerary. Named for the way the colours of its landscape resemble the stripes of a tiger, this canyon is one of the most exciting hiking routes through the Javakheti Protected Areas.

The Route

Javakheti is an amazing part of Georgia, where there is a large selection of tourist attractions.

Before starting the route, we recommend stopping in Akhalkalaki town and visiting the Javakheti Protected Areas Visitor Center, where you can rent a tent, sleeping bag, bicycle and other equipment.  Here they will give you maps and recommendations.

The length of the hiking trail is 15 kilometers, which can be completed in one day. The trail is of medium difficulty, so you have to be in good physical shape to take it.

The route starts near the village of Patara Khanchali, at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level. If you come to this village on the first Sunday of June, you will witness a local flower festival.

It is possible to reach the entrance of the canyon from the village of Patara Khanchali by an off-road vehicle.

At the beginning of the canyon, the trail turns right and follows the eastern ridge of Tiger Canyon, then turns left and descends inside the canyon. From here the route turns back to the beginning of the trail and moves along the river.

The highest point of the trail is 2800 meters. You will also find a camping place in the canyon.

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