Tkemlovana – Kozipa Monastery

Tkemlovana village is located in Shida Kartli Region and it is built in the beautiful Tkemlovnistskali valley, 1030 meters above sea level. If you are interested in adventure tourism, then we recommend you to follow the hiking trail here. If you are interested in extreme sports, there is a hiking trail marked here.
Shida Kartli

From spring to autumn, you will see many tourists in Tkemlovana who go through the village to the Monastery of Kozipa. The monastery is located at 1400 meters above sea level, in the middle of the forest, and a 3-kilometer hiking route is marked to reach it.

The hiking route starts in the center of Tkemlovana village, follows the old dirt road and leads to the monastery.

Most of the route follows the banks of the Tkemlovanistskali River, and after about 1.8 km, it will pass by a picnic area with tables and chairs. Tkemlovani mineral water also flows here.

Shortly after this point, the path turns right, goes uphill and finally leads to the monastery complex of Kosipa.

The Architecture of Kozipa Monastery

There are five churches in the complex of Kozipa Monastery: Church of the Ascension of the Mother of God, St. Shio Mghvimeli, Lazarus the Righteous, All Georgian Saints and St. George Church. The temples were built in VII-XVI centuries.

History of Kozipa Monastery

According to historical sources, monastic life began here in the 6th century. The monks lived in the monastery until the 17th century. After the invasion of the enemies, they had to leave the territory. 

Kozipa Monastery was restored in 1997, and is sometimes also called Bertubani. That is because the Bertubani Monastery was founded there at this time, and acts as a place, where mainly young clergy work.

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