Travel Requirements for Georgia 2024

Travel Requirements for Georgia 2024

Traveling in Georgia is a unique experience, offering a breathtaking diversity of cultures, magical landscapes, and revered hospitality.
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What do you need to enter the country of Georgia?

To enter into this staggeringly beautiful and memorable country, there are some requirements and considerations to bear in mind. Accordingly, here we have outlined several of the essential things to know to make your trip to Georgia truly unforgettable.

Valid passport

For travelers from most countries, it is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond their date of entry into Georgia.

Georgia accepts standard international passports, however, it is helpful (albeit not mandatory) to have a biometric passport for the smoothest possible passage through border control and customs.

Visa policy

For citizens of over 90 countries including the USA, EU member states, Canada, and Australia, entry to Georgia is visa-free.

For citizens of other countries, visas can be obtained upon arrival to Georgia, or e-visas can be gained online. The requirements vary depending on the country, so travelers are advised to check the latest information either on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia’s website or at the Georgian embassy or consulate (if there is one operating in the traveler’s country of origin).

National ID card

Citizens of EU member states can enter Georgia for a short period using their national ID card, providing them with hassle-free travel.

Do I need travel insurance for Georgia?

Though not mandatory, travel insurance is highly recommended for individuals traveling to Georgia to cover any unexpected medical expenses or travel disruptions.

Financial sufficiency

In some cases, travelers will need to show proof of funds to enter the country of Georgia, evidencing their financial sufficiency to cover their stay in the country.

Return ticket

Travelers to Georgia are recommended to have a return ticket or proof of onward travel in advance.

Is Georgia a tourist-friendly country?

Simply put, yes! Georgia is one of the most tourist-friendly and hospitable countries in the world. As well as boasting bewildering landscapes, outstanding nature, and rich history and culture, travelers can partake in all sorts of activities during their stay. In addition, the Georgian people are well known for their friendliness to visitors and guests, whom they consider “gifts from God” and treat them accordingly.

What city in Georgia is the most visited?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the capital city Tbilisi is the most commonly visited and enjoyed by travelers visiting Georgia. The city has a unique charm, founded on a remarkable blend of ancient history, modern development, and a vibrant lifestyle, all of which attract a wide array of visitors every year.

Is it safe to travel to Georgia country right now?

Absolutely! Georgia has been classified by various international sources as one of the safest countries in the world for travelers. On top of its warm and welcoming people, Georgia’s crime rate is extremely low by global standards. Indeed, visitors to Georgia often proclaim how safe they feel while exploring the Georgian cities and countryside, even during the night. 

However, as is the case when traveling anywhere, visitors are still advised to stay fully aware of their surroundings and take standard safety precautions, especially in crowded or tourist-heavy areas.

Is Tbilisi safe for solo female travelers?

Tbilisi’s low crime rate means it is very safe for individual female travelers day and night, albeit the usual common sense travel precautions are still recommended.

What is the best time of year to visit Georgia?

This comes down to personal preference, but Georgia’s geographical diversity makes it an attractive place to visit all year round. The country is pleasantly warm and sunny in the spring and fall, while the seaside and mountains are glorious spots to enjoy the summer heat, and the winter snowfall in much of the country is ideal for its many ski resorts. 

What is the best time of year to visit Georgia’s beaches?

Georgia consistently enjoys a long and hot summer, spanning from early June to late September, when a trip to the Black Sea coast is a popular way of cooling down and relaxing.

How expensive is Georgia for tourists?

By global standards, Georgia remains relatively cheap with accommodation, food, and transportation all offering excellent value for money.

What currency is used in Georgia?

Georgian Lari (GEL) is the sole legal tender throughout the country, used for all transactions, including purchasing goods and services and paying for accommodation and transportation. The Lari is divided into 100 Tetri.


Do I need a passport to enter Georgia?

Yes, to enter Georgia, foreign citizens must have a valid travel document in the form of an ordinary or biometric national passport, unless provided otherwise by Georgian legislation or respective international agreement.

What is the best month to visit Georgia?

Every month of the year offers something special to visitors to Georgia. It’s all about personal taste. If you want to ski in the strikingly gorgeous Caucasus Mountains, winter is perfect. If you want to lie back and recline on its beautiful Black Sea beaches, then summer is a cozy fit. Meanwhile, the whole country can be wonderfully savored in the comfortable warmth of spring and fall.

Do I need cash in Georgia?

Credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere, although it is advisable to carry some cash, especially in the more remote rural areas. ATMs are available in all cities and towns, and in many villages too.

Is USD accepted in Georgia?

USD can be exchanged at banks and bureaux de change, but transactions in the country are conducted exclusively in Georgian Lari (GEL).

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