Triala Lakes

Triala Lakes

Three lakes glitter like jewels in a mist-shrouded forest on the slopes of Tlili Mountain, lined up like sapphires on a necklace. A popular destination for camping, fishing, and the simple pleasures of soaking in the serenity of pristine wilderness, the Triala Lakes in Samtskhe-Javakheti are a must-see.

How do the Triala Lakes Look in Different Seasons?

The lakes are located at an altitude of 1,620 meters above sea level and are mainly fed by melting snow, so the water level in the lakes is highest in spring and early summer. In late summer and autumn, they may have dried out. The lakes freeze in winter, but it is dangerous to walk on them because the ice is not very thick.

How Do You Get to the Triala Lakes?

You can get to the lakes in many different ways. One way is the dirt road that comes from Ijareti Village. If you look back as you hike, you will get an impressive view of the massive Meskheti Range.

The best road for vehicles

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