Truso Valley

Truso Valley

Despite its relatively small size, Georgia is a country of immense diversity, with uniquely beautiful places scattered across the countryside just waiting to be discovered. One such place is the breathtaking Truso Valley.

Where Is Truso Valley Located?

Truso Valley is located in the very north-east of Georgia, 22 kilometres from the well-known Stepantsminda townlet. Here you’ll find more than ten abandoned villages, as well as many towers and fortifications. The village of at the height ofght of 2400 metres above sea level, would be considered one of the highest inhabited points in Europe had it not been abandoned.

Truso Valley is north of the watershed of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, and is home to the source of the Tergi River, which flows all the way to the Caspian Sea.

What To See in Truso Valley

Truso is a very popular travel destination due to the many diverse sights you encounter en route. Within one active day, you can visit Zakagori Fortress-Complex, Keterisi Monastery and several natural monuments, such as travertine formations, Abano Mineral Lake and Keterisi Vaucluse.

The valley is surrounded by rocky peaks, along with volcanic streams that are so eye-catching that you’ll hardly stop taking photos on every step you take. 

You can travel there by an offroad car, on horseback and of course, hike. 

What Should You Keep in Mind While Traveling Through Truso Valley?

Truso Valley occupies an area of about 25 square kilometres, and is notable for its mineral springs. These springs leave fascinating traces across the landscape in the form of orange and red coloured travertine.

We kindly ask you not to climb all over the body of the travertine, because this will damage its structure. Let's save these amazing natural formations for future generations!

When travelling through Truso, bear in mind that you’ll need your ID in order to get the permit to cross over to the village above the famous Zakagori Fortress, as the border to Russia is relatively close-by.

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