Tskaltubo Mineral Water Park

Tskaltubo Mineral Water Park

Source of immortality do not exist only in fairy tales. At an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, on the banks of the Tskaltubostskali River, a most beautiful natural vista spreads out in front of you. Here, legends come alive and unforgettable adventures await.

What Should We Know About Tskaltubo Mineral Waters?

Tskaltubo’s springs are globally renowned for their unique healing properties, which have given many people suffering from severe diseases a second chance.

The waters of Tskaltubo are ancient, mentioned in historical sources from the 7th-9th centuries, although and mentioned as a place of healing since the 12th-13th centuries. Tskaltubo has long gained international fam, and its healing waters can also be found in the "Proceedings of the Berlin Natural History Society."

What Does Science Tell Us About this Unique Treasure of Nature?

Scientists believe that the waters of Tskaltubo originated 100,000-150,000 years ago. They are saturated with the following chemical elements important for the vitality of the human body: iodine, bromine, zinc, and copper.

Tskaltubo Balneological Resort is recognized all over the world as one of the places where the water has unique properties with which to treat diseases.

Tskaltubo mineral water cures gynecological, motor system, heart, and skin diseases, as well as regulating metabolism in the body.

What Will We See in Tskaltubo Central Park?

Several baths will attract your attention while visiting this unique resort. Here, the duration of treatment procedures ranges from 14 to 21 days. Tskaltubo waters have virtually no side-effects, so treatment with these waters is allowed for both adults and children from the age of 4.

What Else Should We Expect?

Along with healing baths, nearby Tskaltubo Central Park, which spans 70 hectares, there are tennis courts, a lake, amusement areas, and a concert hall.

One of Georgia’s main cities, Kutaisi, is just 13 kilometers from Tskaltubo.

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