Tsundi lake

Tsundi lake

You should not return from a trip to Samtskhe-Javakheti Region without visiting Tsundi Lake. The lake, located 1,539 meters above sea level, covers a 1.8 square meter area, with a maximum depth of 10.8 meters.

Tsundi lake is not far from Tmogvi Fortress and has stunning surrounding views. The lake is fed by snow, rain, and underground fresh waters. Its foundation pit in the gorge of the Mtkvari river was formed in the aftermath of a landslide of the western periphery of the Akhalkalaki volcanic plateau. 

Legend says that Queen Tamar was fixing her hair in the reflection of this lake, hence its other name, “Tamar’s Mirror”.   

Fishing lovers can catch the Crucian carp in the lake, whereas others can relax and enjoy the views.

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