Tusheti-Alaznistavi-Rkinismta-Pankisi Gorge

Georgia’s western region of Kakheti boasts uniquely diverse nature with numerous cool and soothing waterfalls and tranquil lakes, hidden away in the lush greenery of its more mountainous parts. Some of Georgia’s most wondrous landscapes are found in this region. Tusheti and Pankisi are both in Kakheti, both of which have their own mystique. To sample the wonders they hold, embark on a four-day hike over the route that connects the two, which is difficult but mightily impressive and rewarding.

Day One: Omalo Village – Jvarboseli Village

The tour starts in the village of Omalo, which is in Tusheti, on the banks of the northern Alazani River, 1,880 meters above sea level. From here, it is 22.5 kilometers to Jvarboseli, which is accessible by a paved road there, albeit your trip will be more adventurous and inspiring if you take the walking path from Omalo to Ghele Pass, and then cross Gogorata Mountain, passing over the Makratela Range and descending to Jvarboseli. Here, you can spend the night in a family hotel.

Day Two: Jvarboseli Village - Alaznistavi

From Jvarboseli, you head toward the village of Alisgori. Here, you can revel in an amazing view of the whole valley. Then, from Sajinchvlo, descend into the Alazani Valley to find yourself at the Tourist Shelter (cottage), in Alaznistavi where you can spend your second night. The journey from Jvarboseli to Alaznistavi is 20 kilometers, with the latter being a stunning historical and geographical area in Tusheti, where Tushetian shepherds have been herding sheep since ancient times. 

Day Three: Alaznistavi – Masara Mountain

Expect some physical challenges along this 16-kilometer route, as you will occasionally have to climb steep inclines. From Alaznistavi, you head towards Sakorno Pass, from where you descend into Tsiplovana Valley. It is not advised to set up camp in this valley, so you should instead head to Masara Mountain and camp there.

Day Four: Masara Mountain – Jokolo Village

The main sources of difficulty in this 17-kilometer route are the paths carved into the cliff, which take you from Masara to Rkinismta. From there, you can already see Pankisi Gorge. 

You will then descend from Rkinismta to the village of Tbatana, where you can take a car to Jokolo.

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