Vardzia Georgia


No matter how many times you visit Georgia, the country will continuously charm you. Incomparable, centuries-old monuments will spread all of history out before your eyes and tell you stories that you can hear nowhere else. One of those creations is Vardzia, a grand ensemble of medieval cliff architecture and one of the most popular monuments in Georgia.

Location of Vardzia

The 40,000 m2 cliff of Vardzia is located 300 kilometers away from Tbilisi, in the historical Meskheti province that is now a part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region.

Vardzia has been granted Immovable Cultural Monument of National Significance status.

History of Vardzia

It was mainly built during the 12th century and is associated with the reign of two monarchs – Giorgi III and his daughter, Queen Tamar. Vardzia, at that time, was the center of the country’s political, cultural, and religious life and has preserved traces of the developed civilization that existed centuries ago. 

Structure of Vardzia Cave

Vardzia is a fortress city carved into a cliff, 900 meters long, and divided into floors throughout its height, which are connected through tunnels. 900 years ago, this cliff city had a modern city infrastructure, including a plumbing system. 

Endless wars and earthquakes over centuries caused significant damage to the unique structure. 

The Dormition of the Virgin Church is still located in the heart of the complex, painted with frescos. In its heyday, Vardzia had 28 wine cellars that housed 235 Qvevris. At the moment only several of them remained. In total, modern Vardzia has 242 caves partially or totally preserved.

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