Bakhmaro Resort

Bakhmaro is a land shrouded in mist, a fact you’ll quickly appreciate as you wind your way slowly up and into the mountains, leaving behind the workaday world for a mystical wonderland set high above the clouds.
Distance to the location by road from:
5:55 hr
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2:40 hr

At 1950 meters above sea level, Bakhmaro Resort is even higher in altitude than the famous Swiss resorts of St. Moritz (1855m), Arosa (1800m), Davos (1560m), and Leysin (1263m).

While Bakhmaro is a mountain resort in the Meskheti Range, you can breathe the sea air here, with the Black Sea only fifty kilometers to the west. This combination of sea and mountain air is not only good for your lungs, but it also strengthens the immune system. Local legend says that if you spend twenty one summer day in Bakhmaro, you won’t be sick for an entire year.

This isn’t just an old wives’ tale. The healing properties of Bakhmaro’s air were discovered in 1892 by the local doctor, Artem Davidiantsi, who conducted tests in the area and advised people to build their homes on the mountain slopes.

Bakhmaro in Summer

Summer in Bakhmaro is breathtaking, with alpine meadows, forests of spruce and fir, and the colourful, hand-painted wooden houses scattered throughout the mist and greenery. Whether you prefer an active or relaxing vacation, Bakhmaro has something for you, with hiking being the main activity in the region.

While visiting, you should sample some of Bakhmaro’s kaymaghi, a popular Adjarian dish made using sour cream. It’s perfect on a hot day.

Summer starts in June in Bakhmaro. In this season the weather is dry, with an average temperature of 12.5°C, so even in the summer you’ll still need warm clothing, especially at night.

Bakhmaro in Winter

The coldest months in Bakhmaro are January and February, when the average temperature is -5.5°C. During these months you can expect to see a lot of snow almost completely covering the colorful houses and surrounding trees. 

Winter in Bakhmaro is perfect for extreme skiers, but the pristine and powdery snow is not just for ski enthusiasts. You can have snowball fights, go sledding, and in the evenings enjoy your room’s crackling stove as you gaze out your window at the peaceful white blanket of snow and take a break from your big-city routine.

While there is a paved road that leads up to Bakhmaro, in the winter you’ll need to rent a snowmobile to get you safely up the snow-covered road.

There is no ski lift in Bakhmaro, but if you are prepared to walk up the mountain and then glide down the untouched snow, Bakhmaro skiing is perfect for you.

Finally, be sure to ask about our special Georgian banduli snowshoes from the 19th century, which were hand-sewn by local men! 

Local Bakhmaro Traditions

Finally, when in Bakhmaro, you’ll need to participate in the local tradition, which involves seeing the sunrise from the “Sunriser” and the sunset from the “Sunsetter”. “Sunriser” is the name of a Gadrekili mountain 4.5 kilometers to the east of Bakhmaro, while “Sunsetter” is a name for one of the Sakornia mountains, two kilometers to the west of the resort, where you can watch the sunsets over the Black Sea.

Finally, if you visit Bakhmaro in the summer, be sure to attend the folk horse race which takes place on the Transfiguration holiday in August.

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