Linked to Saint Nino, the villages of Upper and Lower Bodbe are perhaps best known for the beautiful Bodbe Monastery. A short drive from Sighnaghi, these quaint villages and their iconic monastery are a fantastic day trip from Tbilisi or Sighnaghi.
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The Historical Past of Bodbe

Saint Nino was an incredibly influential figure in the spreading of Christianity to Georgia, having come to the country from Cappadocia in the 4th century. She died in Bodge at the age of 31, prompting the first Christian king of Georgia, Mirian, to build a church over her grave. That church is today known as Saint Nino Convent, where worshippers come in their thousands to pay their respects.

Bodbe Monastery

Bodbe Monastery is a must-see while you’re in the Sighnaghi area. 

Famed for its healing waters, Saint Nino’s Spring attracts worshippers year round, coming to pay their respects to the saint, to be baptised, and to have their hurts and ailments miraculously healed. It is said that Saint Nino’s prayers caused the spring to appear, and its miracle-working powers attract the faithful from across the world.

Nearby stands a small church bearing the names of Saint Nino’s parents, Saints Zabulon and Sosana.

Upper and Lower Bodbe

The villages of Upper and Lower Bodbe are about a 15-25-minute walk from Bodbe Monastery. This road is especially beautiful in autumn, when pomegranate trees and fruiting bushes line the entire way.

The best time to come to Bodbe is from August to October, when the grounds are full of wheat fields and sunflower gardens. Here you will find grape pavilions in the yards and vineyards around the village. The local grapes are renowned for their unique sweetness and flavor.

At the southern edge of Upper Bodbe, you will find a lovely forest, where oak, beech, hornbeam, ash, linden, and pine trees grow.

Lower Bodbe is known for the production of wine, wheat, and sunflower oil.

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