Kalauri village is in Kakheti Region, 18 kilometers from the city of Gurjaani.
Distance to the location by road from:
2:15 hr
7:40 hr
5:30 hr

What will you see here?

Kalauri’s name first appears in historical sources in the 14th century, making it one of the oldest villages in Kakheti

In the beautiful leafy forest of the village surroundings, several medieval churches and monasteries attract your attention. You’ll find a church or the remains of a church at almost every step. Among them are:

John the Baptist monastery complex - built in the 9th century; The church of the Baptist is the main building and next to the cathedral, in the southern chapel, there is the tomb of the Kakhet-Hereti king Kvirike III.

Church of St. George - built in the VI-VII centuries.

In the center of the village stands the medieval St. Nino’s church. The road from the village to the forest and the forest paths are good for hiking. 


After visiting the churches and monasteries, taste the local wine. Viticulture and winemaking have been village practices since ancient times and even today, almost every family grows wine grapes.

In Kalauri, you will see an authentically preserved 17th-century "Papoaant Marani" (Grandfathers’ Wine Cellar), also known as Janiashvili wine cellar, a Kalauri must-visit.

Kalauri is on the central road between Gurjaani and Telavi, and you can visit the village in any season of the year.

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