Keda - The Winemaking center of Ajara

According to historical sources, Keda was one of the most developed trade centers in ancient times. Visit the Keda Museum of History to learn more about it, and then indulge in the local food, wine and landscapes!
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Where is Keda?

Keda is located 256 meters above sea level, 41 km east of Batumi. Its highest peak, Kanli, is 2,987 meters tall.

Landmarks of Keda

Visit the observation decks in Gulebi, Kaviani, Dzetsnami, and Sagoreti villages. See the Dandalo, Makhuntseti, Pirveli Maisi, and Tsaniaris arch bridges built without mortar and any modern tools. Do not miss Azendidi and Tsivasula castles - they offer great panoramas. In Keda, you can find peace and serenity in St. Nicholas’s church and St. George’s church in Zvari.

Nature and mineral waters

The natural wealth of Keda municipality includes Achariskali valleys, rivers, deciduous and coniferous forests, two types of soil, and waterfalls. The animal world in Keda is also diverse.

Nature and a mild, subtropical climate create a combination climate in Keda. You can taste the mineral waters of "Gundauri" and "Kokotauri", which have healing properties. "Kokotauri" water has also been awarded an international certificate and is used for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Keda Wines

Seven ancient, rock-cut, manual wine presses were found in Keda municipality, more precisely in the villages of Dzentsmani, Zundaga, Oktomberi, Akutsa (stored inside a wine house nowadays) and three of them in Ortsva Village.

The age of the wine presses indicates the region’s long history of winemaking. Chkhaveri and Tsolikouri are particularly popular here due to their ability to grow in the subtropical climate and their light joyful character that makes them a great pairing to local dishes. They are must-try wines when visiting Keda.

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