Shuakhevi - an authentic mountainous vacation

In mountainous Ajara, on the ridges of Meskheti and Shavsheti, at the confluence of the Achariskali and Chirukhistskali rivers, lies the small town of Shuakhevi. Ajara is a subtropical region, with hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters, and Shuakhevi is distinguished by less humidity. At 420 meters above sea level, the town is hidden in the mountains. Nearby, the ruins of the medieval castle and the arched bridges are waiting to be discovered.
Distance to the location by road from:
6:55 hr
1:30 hr
4:15 hr

The Nature of Shuakhevi

To the south of Shuakhevi is the Shavsheti mountain range, and to the north are the Ajara and Guria mountains. Shavi Tba (Black Lake ) is a must-visit surrounded by dense forest and swamp vegetation, a perfect spot to have a picnic.

The area is the habitat for roe deer, chamois, wild boar, hedgehogs, hares, foxes, bears, badgers, martens. The bird world is also diverse with woodpeckers, true thrush, hoopoes, Rock partridges, Lyrurus, and Eurasian woodcocks. Fish that populate the rivers include trout, Gobiidae, bream, Barbus, and many others. 

Shuakhevi Mineral Waters

Shuakhevi, Shambaleti, Lazmare, Batalvaki, Gundi, Bogili, Tkemalti, Uchambi, and others are also rich in mineral waters. The vicinity of Tomasheti municipality has 30°C, hydrogen sulfide thermal waters.

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