Sulori Climatic and Balneological Resort is located 11 kilometers away from the ancient city of Vani. It is famous for its hot mineral waters with numerous healing properties. According to legend, the hot springs here were found by hunters when they noticed steam rising up from the snowy ground. Later they brought a paraplegic girl to that place and put her into the “magic water”. After a few tries the girl began to walk.
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“Magic Water”

Sulori’s rejuvenating waters are used for baths as treatment for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, and gynecological diseases. They continue to draw tourists to this day. There is a clinic at modern standards with 32 individual baths. There is also a thermal spa center, combining six individual baths into one. You can get healing massages and other spa procedures done with the spring water, whose temperature stays at 38 degrees year-round.

Two in All

The 3-hectare resort stands on the shores of the Sulori River, which has two tributaries, so it is called “two in all” (or “sul ori” in Georgian).

Vacationers in the restored Sulori can expect renovated cottages, a rebuilt park, and a beautiful landscape covered in greenery. There is a humid subtropical climate with mild winters without snow and hot summers. Those looking for shade will find it in the resort’s pine forest park.

In Sulori you will have the chance to try foods made from local, ecologically sound products. You absolutely must try the local bread, honey, and dairy products, to name just a few.

Gormaghla Fortress and More

One of Sulori’s sights to see is a historical tower called Gormaghla Fortress. A few kilometers away, at the confluence of the Sulori and Rioni Rivers is the ruins of the ancient city of Vani, which had close economic and cultural contacts with Greece since the 8th century BCE. This is proven by the finds from archaeological digs.

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