Ureki – a resort with magnetic sand

Ureki is a small but very popular resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Its 1.5-kilometre coastline is covered with magnetic sand, which is famous for its healing properties.
Distance to the location by road from:
4:30 hr
0:55 hr
1:40 hr

Ureki- Its Purpose and Medical Characteristics

Ureki sand creates a natural magnetic field of low intensity, which has the best healing effect - especially for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system conditions.

The main minerals of Ureki sand are magnetite (5%), titanomagnetite (4.5%), monazite (4.9%), zircon (4.2%) and others. Sand retains heat for a long time, evenly transfers it to the surface of the body and expands blood vessels, as a result of which tissue nutrition improves. It also has a mechanical effect on blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

Not only the sandy beach, but also sea water and air have a therapeutic effect in Ureki.  Sea water regulates metabolism and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

The sea air is characterized by a high degree of ionization, which activates the work of erythrocytes. As a result, immunity is strengthened, and metabolism is improved. Thanks to ionization, the sea air is free of bacteria and dust.

The summer season in Ureki starts in June and lasts until the middle of September.


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