Waterfall of Love

Waterfall of Love

The north-western part of Georgia is famous for its abundance of cultural monuments and the diversity of its landscapes. Racha region has always stood out for its serene, calm beauty. Out of many waterfalls there, one of the most popular is the grandly named Waterfall of Love, located very next to the city of Ambrolauri.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

What will You See at the Waterfall of Love?

Named for the heart-shaped cave opening through which the river flows, the Waterfall of Love is further enhanced by the adornment of ivy that frames the cave mouth. 

As the water pours from the cave mouth, it creates a diaphanous curtain that is perfect for a photo session with that special person in your life.

The History of the Waterfall of Love

The cave’s heart-shape is artificial. According to tradition, there used to be a normal cave carved into the cliff here, with water dripping from it. A local, Levan Murusidze, broke it up with an axe and a rock, so as to make a heart shape in the cliff face below the waterfall. Levan Murusidze dedicated his work to his wife.

Today, there is a special path that visitors can take to go a few metres into the cave, coming back with amazing pictures and a romantic song in their hearts.

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