3-Day Off-Road Tour: Imereti – Kvemo and Zemo Racha

During this tour, you will pass through the highland villages of Imereti and Racha regions, visit historic monuments, and enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

Day 1: Chiatura - Khreiti - Satsalike Mountain and Ambrolauri

The tour starts from Chiatura, going toward the village of Khreiti, from where you drive in the direction of the city of Ambrolauri.

The road climbs to the Satsalike Mountain (1992 m above sea level), with beautiful panoramic views of Imereti and Racha.

You then pass the village of Velevi, where you see the Holy Trinity Temple dating back to the feudal era. On the way, you will also pass through the villages of Tlugi and Nikortsminda. Make sure in particular to visit Nikortsminda Temple from the 11th century, a striking example of Georgian architecture.

From Nikortsminda you turn towards the Shaori Reservoir, which is perfect for a picnic.

Finally, you arrive in Ambrolauri on the main road, where you can spend the night in a hotel or guesthouse.

Day 2: Ambrolauri - Oni - Utsera - Shovi - Chiora - Gona and Ghebi

The next day, you leave Ambrolauri and head to Racha’s other main city, Oni.

After Oni, you pass the resorts of Utsera and Shovi, which stand out for their abundance of healing mineral waters.

Afterwards, you come across the village of Chiora. Here, you can go up to the Notsuli Pass to savour beautiful views all around, or continue in the direction of Gona and Ghebi, the last villages in the Rioni Valley.

There are various guesthouses in Oni and the surrounding parts in which to spend the night.

Day 3: Oni - Shkmeri and Sachkhere

From Oni, go to the town of Sachkhere through the village of Shkmeri, along the beautiful road over the Khikhata (or Shkmeri) Pass.

Important Information

To travel the route, you will need an appropriately-equipped SUV.

The route is open from June to October.

It is recommended to use A/T or M/T tires.

Ensure that your GPS is enabled.

In the event of an emergency, dial 112.


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